Permanent Eyeliner

If you are a make-up lover, then eyeliner might be one of your best friends. It’s hard to imagine any make-up look without drawing those wings on, but in true honesty, this can be quite a difficult task, especially if you’re putting on your eyeliner every single day. This is why many women decide to do it permanently. 

Permanent eyeliner is done with sterilized tooles, where pigment is inserted in the surface layer of the skin on the eyelids. Thickness, lenth and shape is designed depending on clients  desire but also depending on the eye and eyelid shape and it’s possibilities.

Before and during treatment , numb cream is applied on eyelids, to make procedure the least uncomfortable for client. Considering that eyelids are extremly sensitive area, little swealing can ocure, but not for longer than 2 days.

One month after the treatment client can do one more session to touch up possible deficiencies.

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